Smith&Press is a small independent publisher specializing in early printed book translations and facsimiles. The goal is to make available to the general public, books and materials that are: 1) difficult to gain access to because they are rare, 2) prohibitive in price, and 3) written in Latin or other early languages of the time period with no available translation.

Smith&Press has developed content and integrated technologies to produce a research grade educational tool to bring special collections to everyone.  The content of TLC is produced by six scholars specializing in Renaissance and Neo-Latin translations. TLC is built on a platform of technologies that uses a host and client server architecture to stream content to the user.

TLC is designed to be very user friendly while providing a unique experience for the user.  Spanning multiple subjects, TLC is an organic knowledge base that serves as a powerful learning and teaching tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike.  While TLC was designed for university research, it is user friendly enough to provide a platform for scholars, historians and educational providers of all levels to access and share what historically would only be possible in special collections libraries.

TLC brings forward several innovations beginning with an aesthetic that roots the user in the period from which these works were derived.  The modern juxtaposition of translated material is accompanied by clarifications and explanations of the text.  Search-ability and classification is of significant importance.  Classification relates to connections to broad world subjects that classical library nomenclature would not attribute to the work.  Full translated text search is also possible.

TLC currently includes translations and facsimiles of rare books from the 14th-17th centuries.  Topics include History, Medicine, Philosophy, Theology, Art, Astrology, Astronomy, and Mathematics with provisions for many more.

  • Current titles include: Hartmann Schedel’s Liber Chronicarum 1493 (Latin),  Philippo Finella’s De Quatuor Signis 1649, Jerolamo Cardano’s Metoposcopia 1648, Ketham’s Fasciculus Medicinae 1495, Luca Pacioli’s Divine Proportions 1509, Fortunio Liceti’s De Monstris 1665, Jacob Rueff’s De Conceptu 1587 and The Expert Midwife 1637, Dame Juliana Berners’ Angler 1496, Maximillian I Theuerdank 1517 and selected excerpts from the Diderot DeLambert Encyclopedia
  • Global search tool of all works including advanced search options
  • View all works in progress – watch as they evolve into completed works
  • Additional new works will be added on a continual basis

Smith&Press will continue to make small production runs of their offerings.