Philippo Finella, De Quatuor Signis

ISBN: 978-0-9831407-5-7

This is a facsimile and translation of a very obscure work by Philippo Finella published in 1649. Though he spent much of his life in Italy and is remembered chiefly for his writings on Metoposcopy and Physiognomy, Philippo Finella also wrote a short chiromancy in his Latin physiognomical work ‘De Planetaria Naturali Phisionomia’ published at Naples in 1649. The chapter on the hand covers some sixteen pages and includes a discussion of astrological rulerships of the mounts and fingers as well as discussing various line formations such as the triangle and the quadrangle. Finella also wrote a short treatise on divination from the different markings that can be found on the nails in his ‘De Quartor Signis apparet in unguibus Manuum’.


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