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Liceti, Fortunio 1577-1657 -De Monstris. Amsterdam 1665

One of the earliest classifications of deformities. This work includes both real and imaginary cases augmented by accurate descriptions of cases observed by Liceti in the years following the first edition. The first edition of 1619 has no illustrations whilst this one has an appendix by the Dutch anatomist Blaes who also corrected some errors of the previous edition of 1643.

Fasciculus Medicinae Translation 1495

One of the most famous medical works of the 15th century. Fasciculus Medicinae is a “bundle” of six independent and quite different medieval medical treatises. The collection, which existed only in a handful of manuscripts was first printed in 1491 in Latin and came out in numerous editions over the next 25 years.

Fasciculus Medicinae

One of the most famous medical works of the 15th century, the Fasciculus Medicinae delves into a number of topics including uroscopy, phlebotomy, medical astrology, gynecology, surgery, internal medicine, pestilence and anatomical demonstration. This translation is focused on the portions of both books that pertain to astrological medicine. This is a partial translation of both works.

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